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“We operate this crane in a saltwater atmosphere which is very corrosive. We use the Multi-Purpose Grease in all of our tracks, the bucket, and end of the boom. These parts had laid exposed on the tracks for over four months and we noticed no rust at all.”
-- W.T.J., Ordinary, VA
“My driver said, ‘...my truck...drives better now than when it was new.’ This grease is a tremendous lubricant which safely allows for an extended re-lubrication cycle, which enhances productivity.”
--T. Hillman, Houston
“(Your product has) saved several hundred man hours of maintenance time each year...All of our crew here at NASA feel your products are the “Ultimate” in preventative maintenance.”
--J.U., Langley, VA
“We use Metalube
Lubricant when assembling equipment for extra rust prevention and for smoother operation of cylinder pins and controls, etc.”
-- R.W., Anchorage, AK
“We treated a 1963 MF1100 tractor. Prior to using your Engine Treatment, I was using 1.5 gallons of oil per 50 hours. I was amazed to see my oil consumption drop to just 2 quarts for 50 hours and my fuel usage decreased by over 15%.”
-- T.L, Kauna, WI
“I put gear treatment into all the transmissions and into the Rockwell 433 rear ends. When treated, operating
temperatures have dropped at least 15-20 degrees in each application, sometimes more, due to reduced friction.”
--H.S., Dousman, WI


"When I pulled the boat out of the water I found a hole about the size of a teacup and the oil had completely drained out of the lower case. I am convinced that the product treatment got us in safely and kept the metal parts from seizing."
-- Boater, Galveston, TX

“(After treatment) with oversize load weighing 170,000 lbs., transmission temperature was 80 degrees cooler than
previous trips.”
-- D.M., Houston, TX

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