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In the early 1970’s a chemist by the name of John Bishop began work to overcome the problem of interfacing metal friction, heat and improper lubrication, which according to metallurgical experts causes 95% of all mechanical failures. Mr. Bishop’s urica moment took several years of pain staking trial and error testing before success; but, now with over 20 years of consumer testimonials, official testing, and use by sanctioned auto racing, NASA, the military and others, this proprietary formulation has proven an effective and inexpensive way to achieve the highest performance from your mechanical engine.

Try our products! Your satisfaction is guaranteed! Like many other consumers world-wide you can enjoy the benefits of MoreMPG per fill-up, less wear, longer life and lower maintenance.


“I put gear treatment into all the transmissions and into the Rockwell 433 rear ends. When treated, operating
temperatures have dropped at least 15-20 degrees in each application, sometimes more, due to reduced friction.”
-- H.S., Dousman, WI

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