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Who has the time to spend searching through archives and the internet to discover which product works and which one is no more than an oil additive package, or worse a chlorine based friction modifier that will eventually pit your metals and cause permanent damage to your engine.

The key is testing, testimonials and trial record. Our products have been tested worldwide by some of the leading laboratories, universities, government and military organizations throughout the world. Our testimonials speak for themselves as consumers using our product have lengthened engine life, lowered fuel cost and reduced maintenance.

We've all seen the ads and heard the claims. They all say the same thing, so how do you know who's telling the truth? We have provided links to many of our competitors who just don't major up.

Pennzoil - Slick50
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Shell Castrol

Quaker State


"When I pulled the boat out of the water I found a hole about the size of a teacup and the oil had completely drained out of the lower case. I am convinced that the product treatment got us in safely and kept the metal parts from seizing."
-- Boater, Galveston, TX

"We use Metalube Lubricant when assembling equipment for extra rust prevention and for smoother operation of cylinder pins and controls, etc."
--R.W., Anchorage, AK

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