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Our formula is tested and accepted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for use in aircraft. The Federal Aviation Rating (FAR) is 33.49 and 20-24A.

Official testing from leading laboratories, universities, government and military organizations throughout the world and over twenty years of commercial and individual consumer use under several well known labels including LubraLon, Duration, Tefcoat II and Matrix offer verification that our formula ranks as the premier engine treatment on the market.

Our unique proprietary formulation chemically bonds a micro-thin Permafused Lubricant film to all lubricated metal surfaces inside all sealed mechanical systems, engines, gear-boxes, etc. Our revolutionary active ingredients provide full time PFL protection from friction, heat, wear, acid and corrosion, unequaled by modern day motor oils, synthetic lubricants, oil additives, moly or PTFE type engine treatments.

BISHOP’S Engine Protection reacts only with internal metal, does not build-up, change tolerances or alter oil flow through galleys and filters. In 1978, as the primary sponsor of the Long Beach Gran Prix, LubraLon caught the attention of the public. Dan Gurney, premier race car driver and designer, was so impressed with the product after testing it for the Gran Prix governing body that he endorsed the Formula and signed on as the international spokesman.


Official Test Results:
Reduced Friction 12.6%
Increased Horsepower 15.9%
Extra-MPG 17.5%

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